Benefits of Parkour​

Beside the fact that parkour is a fun way to get a workout...


Movements that cross the midline of the body stimulate the nervous system, balance the right and left brain, enhance spatial awareness and improve learning, memory and mental performance. Movements, such as QM in parkour, lay down new nerve pathways, training the body and brain to communicate more efficiently and to have a coordinated effort in movement as well as everyday tasks.



APEX takes you out of static movement and boring reps and encourages play. APEX is one big playground for adults and children. Play and parkour are practical and functional movement, meaning that the skills you acquire in the gym directly relate to your life outside the gym. Build quickness, endurance, balance, flexibility, agility, explosive strength, all through playing like a kid.



Parkour goes beyond physical movements. Physical obstacles require and cultivate self-knowledge, self-trust and self-confidence. Physical obstacles are metaphors for understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Learning how to approach and overcome obstacles is something everyone faces. Having success, pushing past limitations and trusting yourself is a daily emotional and mental exercise when engaging in parkour.

In our computerized society, step into relationship with yourself and others as you have fun, challenge yourself and become a part of a community. APEX fosters a non-competitive, supportive and encouraging environment. Positive social connections are an integral part of a happy and healthy life. Creating a movement-based community is part of our mission and we are excited to share that with you!