American Ninja Warrior

APEX Movement NorCal features American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles.

Age 7-12

Tree Band prerequisite. Youth Ninja Warrior Classes are on Tuesday from 5:30-6:30.  An opportunity for youth ages 7-15 to get instruction on Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles in the Ninja Warrior area of the gym. Cloud band required to train in Ninja Warrior area during open gym.

Age 13-16

MUST complete Teen/Adult Intro to Parkour and then the 3 class Ninja Warrior curriculum. Ninja Warrior classes are 2 - 3pm on Sundays. After completion of the Intro to Ninja Warrior classes, participants can train in the  Ninja Warrior specific area during Open Gym.

Age 16+

For ages 16+. Both Classes and Open Gym sessions. 3 classes are recommended to learn basic Ninja Warrior obstacle techniques. Classes are 2-3 on Sunday.  

Ninja Schedule