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APEX's Philosophy

Recently, words such as “gym,” “exercise” and “fitness” have taken on negative meanings. Exercise should not mean suffering through 30 minutes on a stationary bike, only made bearable by the TV on the wall and the headphones over your ears. A gym should not be a dreadful place, easily erased from your schedule by the slightest excuse. 

Think back to when you were a kid, jumping off benches and climbing trees for fun. Fitness used to be fun and natural, something we achieved without consciously trying. Movement is the foundation of any physically fit lifestyle.

Through innovative movement training, we help people achieve a broad, all-around fitness. We coach people to excel in their chosen athletics, we inspire people to become more physically active through play, and we help people attain their fitness goals through natural exercise. There is something for everyone along at least one of these three paths to fitness; Athletics, Play, and EXercise. With these three paths, we are APEX NorCal; useful fitness through natural movement.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Parkour

Q: What is parkour?
A: Parkour is an art of movement in which you train the body and mind to overcome obstacles.

Q: What should I expect at parkour class?
A: Expect a challenging, fun workout based around the natural movement of the human body. Our classes begin with a thorough warm up. Next, we move on to the introduction and practice of new skills and movements. 

Q: What do I need to do for my first class?
A: Create an account beforehand HERE and preregister for your first class. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in with the front desk. (you must have a parent signature if under 18!)

Q: What do I wear?
A: Anything you feel comfortable moving in! Most people prefer athletic shorts/pants and shirt and closed toed athletic shoes.

Q: What about shoes?
A: Shoes with minimal tread and sticky rubber on the bottom are best. Also try for a flexible and light shoe. Most people prefer some padding on their shoes, especially as they are learning, but avoid shoes that have more than a finger width of foam. You want to have a good feel of the obstacle underneath you, and ideally be able to curl your toes around edges and rails. We also recommend zero-drop, or minimalist footwear because they promote stronger, healthier feet.

Q: Adult/Teens (ages 13 and up) – I think Intro to Parkour classes will be too easy for me. Can I go straight to Fundamentals or Intermediate?
A: We strongly recommend that everyone starts out in the Intro to Parkour classes. Even if you are athletic or already have some skills, you may lack certain skills or fitness that will be expected of you in the upper classes.

Q: Youth (ages 6–12) – I think Youth level 1 classes will be too easy for my kid. Can they go straight to level 2?
A: Even if your kid is athletic or already has some skills, we would like them to get accustomed to our program by starting with the 3 class starter. We require all kids to pass a test to get into higher levels of the youth program. If you would like to get your child into a test, please send an email to info@apexmovementnorcal.com

General FAQ

Q: Do you have locker rooms or showers?
A: We a few bathrooms that can be used as changing rooms, but no showers.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes we accept the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover.

Q: Is there nearby parking?
A: Yes, there is free parking behind and on the side of the building.

Q: How much is drop in for open gym? For a class?

A: Open gym drop-ins are $15 and classes are $25 drop-in. We also have multiple memberships. Check out our pricing and memberships.


Q: Is there access to the ninja warrior obstacles during open gym?

A: Certain obstacles are always up (warped wall, salmon ladder, etc) and can be used during regular open gym. Other obstacles in our Ninja Warrior area change frequently.


Q: How do I schedule a Birthday Party:

A: Click here for details about our private parties. There you can go to our online store to schedule and book.

Q: Do you have Homeschool hours: 

A: Homeschool students will learn the same curriculum as our other Youth Level 1 students at times that are convenient for Homeschool goers during the afternoon. We have Homeschool hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-2pm class and 2-3pm youth open gym. 

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From I-680 SOUTH

  • Exit Monument Blvd.

  • Turn left onto Monument Blvd.

  • Turn Right onto Detroit Ave.

  • Last building on left hand side before dead end, Suite-A

  • Park in any blank or reserved for Suite-A/ Suite-B spots


  • Exit Monument Blvd.

  • Turn right onto Monument Blvd.

  • Turn right onto Detroit Ave.

  • Last building on left hand side before dead end, Suite-A

  • Park in any blank or reserved for Suite-A/ Suite-B spots


(925) 692-1154


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