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ALL Youth age 6-12 MUST have 3 Youth Level 1 Parkour classes before they can come to Open Gym 

Classes have caps. RESERVE to solidify your spot


Our Philosophy

Recently, words such as “gym,” “exercise,” and “fitness” have taken on negative meanings. Exercise should not mean suffering through 30 minutes on a stationary bike, only made bearable by the TV on the wall and the headphones over your ears. A gym should not be a dreadful place, easily erased from your schedule by the slightest excuse. And fitness is not only for the bodybuilding magazine model or the elite athlete. Instead, we aim to inspire fitness at its purest roots, movement.

Think back to when you were a kid, jumping off benches and climbing trees for fun. Fitness used to be fun and natural, something we achieved without consciously trying. Fitness is for everyone, no matter what your goals are. Movement is the foundation of any physically fit lifestyle.

Through innovative movement training, we help people achieve a broad, all-around fitness. We coach people to excel in their chosen athletics, we inspire people to become more physically active through play, and we help people attain their fitness goals through natural exercise. There is something for everyone along at least one of these three paths to fitness; Athletics, Play, and EXercise. With these three paths, we are APEX Movement; useful fitness through natural movement.

Step into a relationship with yourself and others as you have fun, challenge yourself and become a part of a community. APEX fosters a non-competitive, supportive and encouraging environment. Positive social connections are an integral part of a happy and healthy life. Creating a movement-based community is part of our mission and we are excited to share that with you!




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