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Youth PK (age 6-12) | SF Bay Area | APEX Movement NorCal

YOUTH classes

ages 6-12

All youth students start in Youth Level 1 classes, regardless of other athletic experience. Classes are divided ages 6-8 and 9-12 (9-12 may join the 6-8 class, but not vice versa) and are designed to safely challenge students of different skill levels while exposing them to natural movement, ninja warrior, flips and parkour skills. Youth classes are an ongoing, drop in format and can be started at any time. Students should bring a water bottle, athletic shoes and comfortable clothing they can move in. It is best to show up 10 minutes early on your first day of class.​ 

Upon completion of their first 3 classes, students will receive their first band, the White Band, which allows access to Youth and All Ages Open Gym and will continue in Youth Level 1. For monthly memberships, we recommend the Bronze membership. HERE is a link to our memberships. To advance to Level 2, a recommended 6-10 Level 1 classes along with earning their stripe at open gym and taking the Earth band test are required.  To learn more about our Youth Band System and for a Progression of classes, follow the links below.


Much like the belt systems found in martial arts, the band challenges bring structure, safety and significance to our Youth student's training. Band challenges are a student’s guide to becoming a well rounded parkour practitioner. Challenges also keep students safe by identifying which techniques and areas of the gym match their skill level.


After attending just 3 classes with us at APEX, we will give you your first band: The White Band. The White Band signifies the start of a never ending journey toward becoming a master of movement. Your first band is always on the house, but if you lose or break it, a replacement band will cost $2. Youth Students MUST bring their bands to attend Open Gym. Students who forget their band at home will not be allowed to attend open gym unless they purchase a new one or complete a strength task given by our front desk staff.


Youth Students that wish to progress through our class levels, get feedback on their skill set, and have their strengths recognized can take whichever band challenge that they qualify for. Prerequisites include class attendance, lower level bands, and a demonstration of strength skills.


Band challenges are held privately throughout the week. Ask at the front desk to find the next available test date or register online through our class portal. Directly after testing, Youth students will find out how they did on the test and get detailed feedback on how to improve each skill. Passing students will also receive the corresponding band and either be advanced into the next level of classes or be signified as an advanced student in their current class.


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